8.9" Fossil Oreodont Skull With Associated Bones

This is a stunning, 15" wide plate containing a variety of Oreodont (Merycoidodon culbertsoni) bones, including a beautifully preserved skull. It was collected from the White River Formation in Pennington County, South Dakota and would be approximately 30-35 million years old.

There are three articulated vertebrae near the center of this plate, however they have been remounted to the rock. The remaining bones are in their natural positions within the rock.

The skull has undergone some spots of gap fill restoration, along with some repair between the superior skull and nuchal crest. There is also a repaired crack with some restoration through the diaphysis of the humerus and the proximal end of the ulna. The rest of the bones don't appear to have any repair or restoration. The exposed bones within this plate include a skull, multiple vertebrae, a humerus, a radius, an ulna, ribs and phalange bones. Aside from the three mounted vertebrae, it's very likely all the bones are from the same oreodont.

The rock has some repaired cracks through it, one of which runs through the three mounted vertebrae (may explain why they were remounted). A black metal display stand accompanies this specimen.

Entire plate - 15" x 8.4"
Skull - 8.9" x 5.7"
Humerus - 5.45" long
Ulna - 5" long
Radius - 3.7" long

Oreodonts are an extinct mammal most closely related to camels and pigs. They have no close relatives living today. They were herbivorous, with short faces and fang-like canine teeth. About the size of a sheep, they roamed the plains of North America in huge numbers during the Oligocene period.
Merycoidodon culbertsoni
Pennington County, South Dakota
White River Formation
15" wide plate, Skull 8.9"
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