2.46" Rooted Allosaurus Tooth In Sandstone - Colorado

This is a 2.46" long rooted Allosaurus tooth which was collected this past summer from the Morrison Formation of Colorado. Rooted teeth are quite rare and you don't see them come up for sale very often.

The fact it retains its root indicates it fell out of a jaw after the animal died, as opposed to being a tooth shed while the animal was alive. Usually if rooted teeth are found that indicates the jaw/skull is close by. For that reason rooted teeth are usually kept to be used in reconstructing the skulls. In the case of this tooth matching skull material was not found in the vicinity, so it is being offered individually.

The tooth was left partially embedded in the sandstone during preparation, which creates an aesthetic display base. The crown has nice enamel and serrations. There is some feeding wear to the tip of the tooth. There are a few stabilized cracks but no restoration.

Allosaurus was a genus of carnosaurian theropod that lived from 156 to 145 million years ago during the Late Jurassic. Allosaurus species were predators with massive skulls, serrated teeth, and gaping jaws. This powerful and plentiful carnivore genus could grow more than 30 feet long. Their fossils are abundant in the Morrison Formation, leading some to suggest that Allosaurus species may have been pack hunters.

Allosaurus fragilis
Dinosaurs Of America Quarry, Dinosaur, Colorado
Morrison Formation
Tooth 2.46" long
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