2.63 Inch Summerville Fossil Mako Tooth

This is a large and colorful fossil Mako shark tooth from Summerville, SC. The 15 million year old Summerville localities are renown for producing, light colored and highly collectable teeth. Due to the acidic condition of this land location, teeth often do not preserve as well as other localities adding to how rare good ones are.

The tooth is 2.63 inches long with a nice sharp tip and a beautifully colored blade.


Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis has been historically classified broad-toothed mako shark Eocene epoch to the Pleistocene epoch. Fossil teeth can be found in Miocene and Pliocene deposits worldwide. More recent research has reclassified it as part of the white shark lineage which would make the species name Carcharodon hastalis. You can read more about this here.

Teeth of this shark have been found up to 3 1/2" in length but teeth over 2 1/2" are uncommon and very rare over 3".
Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis
Summerville, South Carolina
Hawthorn Formation
2.63 Inches
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