2.9" Jurassic Fossil Fish (Hulettia) - Wyoming

This is a 2.9" fossil fish from the Upper Jurassic aged, Sundance Formation (which underlies the Morrison Formation) in Cowley, Wyoming. This specimen belongs to the species Hulettia americana. It is the only member within this genus. These small forage fish prospered in waters that are now located in the Morrison Formation of Wyoming and the Sundance Formation of South Dakota. Complete and fully extended, this fish would approach 4.4" in length. There is some glue stabilization to the rock on this specimen.

Hulettia americana is characterized by its small, dense overlapping scales that are extremely durable. Paleontologists believe that this fish had little to no competition in its habitat making it one of the smallest apex predators until its ultimate demise in the Cretaceous.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.
Hulettia americana
Cowley, Wyoming
Sundance Formation
Fish 2.9", Rock 5.4 x 4.1"
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