2.9" Trident" Walliserops Trilobite - Flying Preparation

This is an impeccably prepared specimen of Walliserops trifurcatus from Foum Zguid, Morocco. The work was done by one of the very best preparators in the world leaving the shell free of damage from air abrasion. Check out the pristine eye facets in both eyes as well as the dozens of free standing spines. Much of the limestone has been removed from underneath the trilobite so that it "flies" above the rock in a very aesthetic display. There is <1% restoration.

Walliserops is one of the weirdest, and most visually stunning species of trilobite, Walliserops trifurcatus. There is some debate about the purpose of the trident shaped appendage or rostrum coming off the front of it's head but it's likely it could have either had sensory purposes or have been used to stir up the mud while looking for food.

A photo of the quarry at Foum Zguid. The Walliserops come out of the very bottom layer, which requires 1-2 meters of limestone overburden to be removed.
Walliserops trifurcatus
Foum Zguid, Morocco
Timrhanrhart Formation
2.9" long (if outstretched)
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