20.3" Plate of Paleocene Leaf Fossils - Glendive, Montana

These are eleven fossil leaves from the Fort Union Formation near Glendive, Montana. The rock contains four Davidia antiqua leaves (#5), two Beringiaphyllum cupanoides leaves (#30), two Pterocarya hispida leaves (#31), two large Platanus nobilis (sycamore) leaves (#37) and an unidentified leaf (#50). The dark orange/brown preservation contrasts well against the shale, and many of the details in the leaf can be seen in good relief. There may be some touchups to the surface of the leaves where pieces of them flaked onto the negative during collection.

The entire specimen measures 20.3 x 15.7" and includes a metal (rebar) display stand.

#5 - Davidia antiqua (2.4", 2.6", 3" & 3.7")
#30- Beringiaphyllum cupanoides (2.7" & 2.9")
#31- Pterocarya hispida (1" & 1.8")
#37- Platanus nobilis (5" & 8.7")
#50 - Unidentified leaf (2.15" long)
D. antiqua, P. hispida, B. cupanoides & P. nobilis
Glendive, Montana
Fort Union Formation
20.3 x 15.7" entire rock
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