3.1" Trident Walliserops Trilobite - New Variation

This is a detailed Walliserops trilobite from Foum Zguid, Morocco. It's arched backwards and prepared so that it's distinctive trident is pointing towards the sky. Great preparation on this specimen with outstanding surface detail including amazing eye facets. There is no restoration on this fine specimen.

What makes this one so interesting is this appears to be a new variation of Walliserops. There are currently three species of Walliserops described from the same layer of the Timrhanrhart Formation. The long forked Walliserops trifurcatus, a short forked Walliserops hammi and then another one with a odd shaped fork, Walliserops tridens. There is some speculation these may not in fact be distinct species but rather represent sexual dimorphism or variations within a single species.

This specimen though has features of both Walliserops trifurcatus and Walliserops hammi. The is more reminiscent of Walliserops hammi only is about twice the size, but the fork is more like that of Walliserops trifurcatus only shorter. I've only seen a handful of specimens of this variation (previously offered at FossilEra) and they all came from the same pocket.
Walliserops sp.
Foum Zguid, Morocco
Timrhanrhart Formation
3.1" long including fork
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