3.35" Anzu Raptor Foot Claw - Updated Listing

This claw was originally reviewed by multiple people familiar with Hell Creek material who concurred that it was a Tyrannosaurus rex hand claw. After listing, it was brought to our attention that it might not be a T-Rex hand claw but rather a foot claw of the recently described and much rarer giant raptor Anzu wyliei. Upon reviewing papers, and other material we concur with the assessment that it is in fact an Anzu wyliei foot claw rather than a T-Rex hand claw, though they look very similar.

The subtle difference between the Anzu foot claw and T-Rex hand claw is how the "blood grove" splits, it's much more subtle in the Anzu claw.

The listing has been updated and repriced accordingly.

This is an extremely rare, foot claw of the recently described giant raptor Anzu wyliei. Dubbed by media as the "chicken from hell" this dinosaur grew up to 11 feet in length and sported a large a prominent crest on it's head. The name Anzu refers to a feathered demon in ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

The claw is 3.35" long and has nice preservation with only a single repair and tiny bit of gap fill restoration near the tip.

Reconstructed skeleton of the Anzu raptor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Reconstructed skeleton of the Anzu raptor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The creature's appearance – "big crests on their skulls, a beak, no teeth, and a very bird-like skeleton", and its discovery in the Hell Creek Formation led to it being jokingly nicknamed the "chicken from hell". Matthew Lamanna, who devised the species' name, originally wanted to use a Latin or Greek version of "chicken from hell". However, he found that the nickname did not work so well in those languages.

Anzu wyliei
Dawson County, Montana
Hell Creek Formation
3.35" (straightline)
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