48" Asaphid Trilobite Mortality Plate - Impressive Display

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This is a giant mass mortality plate of large Asaphid trilobites from the Ordovician found near Taouz, Morocco. The plate is 48" wide and the there are around 30 complete or near complete trilobites on it along with many partials. The largest complete trilobite is about 4.5" long. They have good relief from the surrounding rock. The orange coloration is due to the oxidization of iron pyrite.

This plate is NOT a composite, and there is only some minimal repair work done to the piece.

A very impressive display and we can all add a backing, and wall mounting hardware upon request.

Trilobites were a very diverse group of extinct marine arthropods. They first appeared in the fossil record in the Early Cambrian (521 million years ago) and went extinct during the Permian mass extinction (250 million years ago). They were one of the most successful of the early animals on our planet with over 25k currently described species, filling nearly every evolutionary niche. Due in large part to a hard exoskeleton (shell), they left an excellent fossil record.
Undescribed Asaphid
Near Taouz, Morocco
Plate 48 x 33", Largest Trilobite 4.5"
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