5.9" Hadrosaur Vertebra With Metal Stand - Judith River Formation

This is a nice, 5.9" wide (including processes) fossil Hadrosaur vertebra from the Judith River Formation of Montana. It's unusual to find the processes this intact as they are fragile and break off easily. There is almost no erosion to the the bone and some minimal crack fill restoration and a bit of restoration on the top of the process. This specimen comes with a custom metal display stand.

Because there are quite a few Hadrosaurs described from the formation we are unable to narrow this isolated bone down to a specific species.

Hadrosaurs are frequently referred to as duck-billed dinosaurs and are members of the ornithischian family Hadrosauridae They were fairly common herbivores which roamed Asia, Europe and North America during the Upper Cretaceous Period. Many species of hardrosaurs had distinct crests on their head, some of which had air filed chambers that may have produced a distinct sound. These crests may have been used for both audio and visual display purposes.

Unidentified Hadrosaur
Hill County, Montana
Judith River Formation
5.9" wide 4.8" tall
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