5" Gigantopygus Trilobite - Issafen, Morocco

In the past couple of years, deposits near Issafen, Morocco have begun yielding a new assemblage of Early Cambrian trilobites. This is a large specimen of one of the rarer components of the fauna Gigantopygus papillatus.

There are two "types" of Gigantopygus papillatus found in two separate horizons at the site, one being much fatter (this one) and the other narrower. Some have claimed they maybe two separate species but it may simply be due to different preservation and levels of compression in the two horizons.

This is a stunning, 5" long specimen of Gigantopygus papillatus which has been prepared with all of it's spine free-standing. This creates a lot of relief between the trilobite and the rock making it very displayable. The rock has been shaped so that the trilobite displays at a 45 degree angle without the need for a display stand.

Gigantopygus papillatus (Hupe’ 1953)
Issafen, Morocco
Issafen Formation
5" long, Rock 7.3x5.9"
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