5" Polished Fossil Brittle Star Mortality Slab - California

This is a polished section of a fossil brittle star (Ophiocrossota baconi) mortality layer from the Miocene aged Santa Margarita Formation of San Luis Obispo County, California. The layer is basically solid brittle star fossils, and by cutting and polishing it the details can bee seen in cross-section. There are dozens of brittle stars present, most about 1" wide. The back of the slab is in a rough state, and brittle stars can be seen there too, though no much detail can be seen when they aren't in cross section.

One side has been cut flat so that it displays nicely standing up without a need for a display stand.
Ophiocrossota baconi
San Luis Obispo County, California
Santa Margarita Formation
Rock 5x3.2", Brittlestars about 1"
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