.54 Inch Allosaurus Tooth In Matrix - Dana Quarry

This is a .55 inch long tooth still in it's original matrix from the large Jurassic theropod, Allosaurus. The tooth comes from the famous Dana Quarry in Wyoming which has produced complete dinosaurs skeletons on display at many of the worlds top museums. There is far less dinosaur material available from the Morrison formation than Cretaceous aged formation such as the Hell Creek Formation. This is due to the relatively small number of commercial quarries in operation and makes the any teeth and bones highly collectable.

The Dana Quarry is even more unique in that it is located in the lower portion of the Morrison Formation. The species of Allosaurus found here is different from the fragilis, found in the upper part of the formation, unofficially named Allosaurus jimmadsoni. It also produces some of the best preserved dinosaur fossils from the Morrison Formation as can be seen in the wonderful enamel of this tooth.

The tooth has good serrations and it was wonderfully prepared by one of the most experience dinosaur prep labs in the world, FossilLogic.

Allosaurus "jimmadsoni"
Dana Quarry, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
Morrison Formation
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