6.9" Killer Allosaurus Hand Claw - Almost No Restoration!

This is one of the most desirable fossils ever offered for sale, a giant hand claw of one of the most fearsome predators to ever roam the earth, Allosaurus. This massive claw measures just a hair under 7 inches around the curve, and is one of the largest Allosaurus hand claws out there. Given the fact there is almost no restoration it certainly one of the best ever offered for sale. I've certainly never seen a better one for sale.

The claw was collected this past spring from a private quarry in Big Horn County, Wyoming, and was just prepared. It is complete to the tip, and there is only 1-2% restoration on it in the form of small crack fills. Nearly all dinosaur hand claws you see offered are heavily restored, particularly the tips which are often frequently missing.

For comparison see the link below for a similarly sized Allosaurus hand claw that recently sold at a Christie's auction for $27,585. What is (unfortunately) not disclosed is that that claw is it is VERY heavily restored with around half of the length being completely fabricated.


This claw would have come the species Allosaurus "jimmadsoni" which is found lower in the Morrison Formation than the more common Allosaurus fragilis.

Allosaurus was a theropod of the Late Jurassic that lived from 156 to 145 million years ago. It was a predator with a massive skull, serrated teeth, and gaping jaws. This powerful and plentiful carnivore genus could grow more than 30 feet long. Due to how plentiful it's fossils are in the Morrison Formation, it's been suggested that they may have been a pack hunter.
Allosaurus "jimmadsoni"
Big Horn County, Wyoming
Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation
6.9" around curve, 5.9" straightline
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