.67" Fossil Iguanodontid Partial Tooth - England

This is a partial tooth from an unidentified iguanodontian that would have roamed Belgium, England, Spain, and Germany. It was collected from the Isle of Wight in England and is .67" long. British dinosaur material is extremely hard to come by and this is a fantastic collector piece.

Comes with a riker display case.

Iguanodontians are a large clade of herbivorous dinosaurs that can be found all over the world. They are among some of the first dinosaurs ever discovered and remain well-known and recognized today. Its members span from the earlier iguanodonts of the early Cretaceous, with large "thumb spikes", to the hadrosaurids of the late Cretaceous. Iguanodontian dinosaurs were often bipedal, but some became quadrupedal in their adult stages as their bodies grew larger, browsing for vegetation on powerful back legs and shorter arms ending in fleshy "mittens" that looked a bit like hooves. This has earned them their nicknames as "dinosaurian cows".

As long as these dinosaurs have been discovered, they have been part of the popular imagination and interest in prehistoric life. Walt Disney Studios released the film Dinosaur in 2000, featuring iguanodons in startlingly lifelike detail. This clade even helped inspire the look of classic movie monster Godzilla!

Notable genera in this clade include the flagship Iguanodon, its first described member, Hadrosaurs, Camptosaurus, and Dryosaurus.
Iguanodontid sp. indet.
Isle of Wight, England
Wessex Formation
.67" long
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