67" Mounted Diplodocus Front Leg - Awesome Display

This is an incredible display piece, a complete 67" tall, juvenile Diplodocus front leg mounted on a custom metal stand. This limb was collected this past spring from our partners quarry in Big Horn County, Wyoming.

The preservation and the preparation on this piece is excellent. All of the bones are original and were found association with the exception of the two small ankle bones which are restored (though mostly still bone). Otherwise there is the usual repair work and crack fills but no significant restoration. Even the single claw is original, and yes Diplodocus only had a single claw on it's front legs.

On the metal stand this piece stands an impressive 6 1/2 feet tall. The metal work to mount it was well done and all of the bones are easily removable. The piece will ship in a custom wooden crate.

Diplodocus skeletal mount at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Diplodocus skeletal mount at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

One of the best-known sauropods, Diplodocus was a very large long-necked quadrupedal animal, with a long, whip-like tail. It could reach up to 115 feet in length but had a relatively small skull, and a mouth full of small peg-like teeth it
Diplodocus sp.
Big Horn County, Wyoming
Morrison Formation
Leg 67" tall, 78" tall on stand
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