7.2" Priscacara Serrata - Green River Formation

This is a large, 7.2" Priscacara serrata from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. This is one of the more uncommon fish found in the quarries. It comes from a lower layer of the quarry which is much harder, darker rock. Specimens from the layer have a darker coloration, similar to the 18 inch layer but are more time consuming to prepare.

The specimen is located on a 10x9.2" slab of rock which has been wood backed for stability and to make it easier to hang on a wall. There is one repaired crack in the rock, but unless you are looking for it, it's hard to notice. Including the wood backing, the piece is 1.85" thick. It displays well on the included display stand or we can including mounting hardware to hang it on a wall upon request.
Priscacara serrata
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
7.2" long, Matrix 10x9.2
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