.77" Undescribed Raptor Tooth - Aguja Formation, Texas

This is a nice, .77" long, theropod (raptor) tooth from the Aguja Formation of Texas. Very little of this material has been collected, and little work has been done on it, so most of it is undescribed. This tooth is likely from an undescribed Dromaeosaur and hopefully ongoing work on the property is able to shed more light on it's identification in the future. The tooth has nice serrations and no significant feeding wear. There are some root etchings on the enamel and one repaired crack about 1/3 of the way from the tip.

This specimen was collected within the past year on private deeded property in Brewster County, Texas. You won't see any other dinosaur material from the Aguja & Javelina Formations for sale because nearly all of the formation lies the borders of a national park or in Mexico which can not be collected. One of our partners was lucky enough to purchase several hundred acres of ranch land in Texas containing a good exposure of these formations and we will be offering more material from the locality in the future.
Indeterminate Theropod
Brewster County, Texas
Aguja Formation
.77" long
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