9.1" Fossil Running Rhino (Hyracodon) Lower Skull - Wyoming

This is an amazing, 9.1" long partial lower skull of Hyracodon nebrascensis ("running rhino"). It was collected from the the White River Formation in Converse County, Wyoming, and would be approximately 30-34 million years old. This specimen features both partial mandibles and part of the left maxilla is attached. While many of the teeth did not survive the collection process, the teeth that are present are natural and aesthetically exposed.

This beautiful specimen is accompanied by an acrylic and metal display stand to assist with presentation.

The skull was found as-is within the rock, though some artificial rock gap fill was required to piece the rock back together following collection. All of the present teeth are natural and have been exposed in a way that reveals their crowns and portions of their roots. There is some restoration to the teeth and throughout the skull in areas that needed stabilization after extraction from the ground. Any restoration is easily identifiable under ultraviolet light (natural teeth fluoresce, restored sections do not).

Hyracodons were hornless running rhinoceroses with large heads compared to their slight, pony-like bodies. They are an extinct line, as we're sure you've noticed that there are no rhinos browsing the plains of North America today.
Hyracodon nebrascensis
Converse County, Wyoming
White River Formation
Length: 9.1" long. Entire specimen: 9.1 x 7 x 4.9"
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