Alien Looking Quadrops Trilobite - 3.2"

This is probably one of my favorite species of trilobites, the very alien looking Quadrops flexuosa. This bizarre trilobite has a distinctive four-forked protrusion coming off of the front of it's head which is where the genus gets it's name. It is not only a rare trilobite but extremely hard and time consuming to prepare owing to the hardness of the rock and the it's many free standing spines.

This specimen has been expertly prepared in a fashion where it looks like it almost crawling off of the rock (and into your nightmares). While the row of small free-standing spines along the axis is intact the two rows of smaller of smaller spines along the sides of the body were not retained during preparation. There is about 2-3% restoration on this trilobite. The first two pleural spines on the right side have been restored and I did some touchup of some surface scratches.

This species has often been referred to as a Philonyx in the past.
Quadrops flexuosa
Ofaten, Morocco
El Otfal Formation
3.2" long
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