Amazing Comura Bultyncki - Zero Restoration

Here is one a great example of one of the most stunning trilobites in the world, the massively spiny Comura bultyncki. The spines 40+ spines would have represented a very formidable armament against fish who were transforming themselves into the dominant predator at the time. A trilobite like this takes more than 40 hours of tedious work to prepare.

Unlike most examples of this trilobite being sold ALL of the spines are real and in fact there is NO RESTORATION on this trilobite at all. I verified this and did some of the final cleanup work including removing some remaining matrix from between segments and around spines myself.

If your curious on how spines like that are preserved after nearly 400 million years, this blog post will answer your question.

Note: In the vast majority examples you see of this trilobite being sold online (even significantly more expensive ones) all of the spines are fake.

Here's an example of one with reconstructed spines

Comura bultyncki
"Hollardops-couche" Taharajat, S- Oufaten, Morocco
Tazoulait Formation
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