9.5" Anzu Raptor Composite Finger - Montana

This is a composite, artuculated finger of the giant raptor Anzu wyliei. Dubbed by media as the "chicken from hell" this dinosaur grew up to 11 feet in length and sported a large a prominent crest on it's head. The name Anzu refers to a feathered demon in ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

The proximal finger bone has a repaired crack towards its proximal point of articulation. There is surface restoration at this point of breakage and repair. The distal point of articulation has some surface restoration and a small repaired crack. This bone is 4.05" long.

The distal finger bone looks to have minor surface restoration along both points of articulation, likely to stabilize the small cracks. The diaphysis of this finger bone appears to have been entirely restored, strangely enough, non of this restoration shows up under UV lighting. This bone is 3.31" long.

The claw is in beautiful condition! There are two repaired cracks through the claw, one of which is towards the tip of the claw. The proximal end of this claw looks to have a decent amount of surface restoration, along with some major restoration of the proximal/inferior portion of this claw. The claw is 2.6" long (longest measurement).

All together, the articulated finger is 9.5" long.

Reconstructed skeleton of the Anzu raptor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Reconstructed skeleton of the Anzu raptor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The creature's appearance – "big crests on their skulls, a beak, no teeth, and a very bird-like skeleton", and its discovery in the Hell Creek Formation led to it being jokingly nicknamed the "chicken from hell". Matthew Lamanna, who devised the species' name, originally wanted to use a Latin or Greek version of "chicken from hell". However, he found that the nickname did not work so well in those languages.

Anzu wyliei
Carter County, Montana
Hell Creek Formation
Proximal bone 4.05", Medial bone 3.31", Claw is 2.6" long.
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