Beautiful, 17.9" Fossil Stingray (Heliobatis) - Wyoming

This is a stunning fossil stingray (Heliobatis radians) from the Green River Formation in Wyoming. These rays are one of the more rare fossils from the Green River Formation and are highly coveted by collectors for their beauty. This 17.9" specimen is gorgeously preserved and nicely centered on a 21.1 x 14.25" slab of rock. Just check out the closeup photos to see the preserved detail.

There is a repaired crack through this rock that travels through the right pectoral fin of the stingray, requiring some restoration at the point of breakage. There are also repaired cracks through the tail that required gap fill restoration in spots. The distal end of the tail is likely composite and the stingray has been inlaid into the rock.

The rock has been backed with a board for stability of the rock and to make it easy to mount on a wall. We can install a wall hanger upon request at no charge.

Heliobatis is an extinct genus of freshwater ray primarily known from the Green River Formation in Wyoming. The teeth are triangular and shaped for feeding on small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.
Heliobatis radians
Fossil Safari Quarry, Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
17.9" long on 21.1 x 14.25" rock
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