Russian Trilobite - Cybele panderi

Here is a very elegant example of the trilobite Cybele panderi from the Wolchow River region near Saint Petersburg, Russia. This trilobite has long flowing spines and needle like eye stalks which it would have used like periscopes, possibly while buried in the Ordovician mud. It is distinguished from Cybele bellatula by three small bumps on the front of it's head. This beautiful trilobite would make a great centerpiece to any fossil collection.

It is 1.8 inches long around the curve and beautifully displayed on its sculpted limestone matrix. The wonderful preparation shows off the the true skill of the Russian preparators. There is less than 3% restoration (very low for these trilobites). Parts of the right eye stalk are restored, there is a patch of restoration on the right cheek and a touchup on the body. There is a crack running down the left side and through the tail which was repaired where the rock was split.

Photo of the Vilpovitsy quarry near St. Petersburg Russia where this trilobite was found.
Cybele panderi
Vilpovitsy quarry, St. Petersburg region, Russia
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