Devil Horned Cyphaspis Trilobite Cluster - Mrakib, Morocco

This is a cool, free-standing, cluster of trilobites from the Bou Dib Formation at Mrakib, Morocco. There are trilobites that have been prepared on both sides of the rock. One side of the rock has three Cyphaspis walteri trilobites exposed and the reverse side has one Cyphaspis and two, smaller Gerastos trilobites. None of the spines on the Cyphaspis have been free-stood. The base of the rock has been cut flat so that it displays upright on a hard surface without the need for a display stand.

This species of Cyphaspis is sometimes referred to as the "Devil Horn" Cyphaspis for obvious reasons. This species was finally formally described in 2014. A link to the paper can be found below.

“Devil horned” Cyphaspis (Trilobita, Otarioninae): examples from the Middle
Devonian of the Ardennes (Belgium), Eifel (Germany) and Ma’der (Morocco)
Cyphaspis walteri & Gerastos sp
Mrakib, Morocco
Bou Dib Formation
Rock 5.9 x 4.4", Largest trilobite 1.5"
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