Excellent 22" Allosaurus Femur From Colorado - With Stand

This is an EXCEPTIONALLY NICE, 22" long femur of an Allosaurus from the Morrison Formation of Colorado. This specimen was collected by one of our partners about a year ago from a private quarry in Moffat County, Colorado, prepared and mounted. Unlike much of the material available from the Morrison Formation is exhibits no crushing, is very solid and and has excellent surface preservation. That is due to the fact it was found within a very hard sandstone layer, from which is was meticulously prepared.

There is very little restoration on this piece, relative to most dinosaur bones. There are a few of gap fills in the cracks, and some surface restoration to one end where the surface was slightly eroded.

Allosaurus was a theropod of the Late Jurassic that lived from 156 to 145 million years ago. It was a predator with a massive skull, serrated teeth, and gaping jaws. This powerful and plentiful carnivore genus could grow more than 30 feet long. Due to how plentiful it's fossils are in the Morrison Formation, it's been suggested that they may have been a pack hunter.
Moffat County, Colorado
Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation
22" long, 24" tall on stand
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