Fossilized Pennsylvanian Microbial Mat Table - Oklahoma

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This is a very unique table made from Microbial Mat fossils from the Hartshorne Sandstone of Oklahoma. Also known as "MISS" (Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures) it's the fossilized ichnofossils left behind by a colony of microbes. These microbial mats formed on top of the natural ripples in the sand creating the unique wave like patterns. These trace fossils are found in a single layer of a stone quarry in Haskall County, Oklahoma, and are Pennsylvanian in age or approximately 305 million years old.

The table top is made out of a section of this layer which has been coated with several layers of sealant to create a durable, stain resistant finish. The beautiful texture and color variation is 100% natural and varies throughout the stone. The custom built table is 23.5" wide and 25" tall. The base is plasma-cut, hand-welded steel with a powder coating.

We can get custom built tables made out of his same material in other dimensions, please contact us for a quote or additional details.
Stromatolite/Microbial Mat
Haskall County, Oklahoma
Hartshorne Sandstone
Table, 23.5" wide, 25" tall
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