Framed Diplomystus Aspiration (Fish Eating Fish) Fossil - Wyoming

This is a very special piece from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. It is an 18.3" fossil fish (Diplomystus) with another fish (Priscacara) in its mouth. It's rare to see behavior captured this way in the fossil record. Known as an aspiration fossil, it captures a Diplomystus that died trying to swallow its prey. In addition to the fish this specimen contains several coprolites (fossilized fish poo).

Fossil examples of aspirations are extremely rare, and this is a very nice one. It is preserved on shale and framed for easy display.

It comes from the coveted 18 inch layer of the Green River Formation which produces darker and more detailed fish than the majority on the market. The rock from this layer is much harder and more durable. This layer is typically collected at night using low angle light to see the bump in the rock that the back bone creates. They then cut these fish out and take them to a lab where the fish which may be up to an inch under the surface of the rock are meticulously extracted under microscope with hand tools.

Diplomystus dentatus, Priscacara liops
Warfield's Quarry, Kemmerer, WY
Green River Formation
Diplomystus 18.3", Frame 31.3 x 21.6"
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