Free-Standing 21" Tall Ammonite Cluster - Spectacular

This is a spectacular, 21" tall cluster of polished ammonite fossils from Madagascar. The ammonites are in their original matrix with no composited and the piece is highlighted by a 12" wide specimen of Cleoniceras cleon at the base. There are two other large specimens of Cleoniceras as well as several smaller ammonites of multiple species. There are also many fossil clams of several different species, as well as other fossils preserved in the rock.

The rock has been carefully sculpted to reveal as much detail as possible and the base is flat so that the piece stands up and displays very aesthetically. It's a wonderful, natural association showing the diversity of the seas 110 million years ago. It looks great from every angle and would be an amazing display in a home, office or museum.
Cleoniceras cleon, Douvilleiceras mammilatum
Ambatolafia, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar
21" Tall
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