Huge 3.3" Daspletosaurus (Tyrannosaur) Tooth

This is an amazing Tyrannosaur tooth from the Two Medicine Formation (Judith River Group) of Eastern Montana. Not only is it huge at 3.30" in length, but the preservation is spectacular, and very little restoration or repair. It was collected from the Two Medicine Formation (Judith River Group) in Eastern Montana this summer. There are three known Tyrannosaurs in the formation, Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus and their teeth are nearly identical but given the size this one is almost certainly from the largest one, Daspletosaurus.

The enamel preservation is very nice on this tooth. The inner serrations are a little worn but all are still present and visible. There is some interesting wear near the tip of the tooth, particularly on the outer edge where this tooth had been rubbing against another one in the dinosaur's mouth.

This tooth was collected this summer (2015) and was part of a large lot of unprepared material we purchased and are preparing in house. Unlike most large teeth it was found mostly in one piece, and only required two repairs. A small piece at the very base that needed to be reattached and then a crack through the tooth about 1/3 of the way through the tip. There was a thin gap fill done along this crack which can be seen in the last photo.

The best Daspletosaurus we've had yet.
North Central Montana
Two Medicine Formation, Judith River Group
3.30" long
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