Illaenus Tauricornis & Asaphus Kowalewskii Association

This is a very aesthetic association of two Middle Ordovician trilobites from the St. Petersburg region of Russia. There is a stalk eyed Asaphus kowalewskii right next to an Illaenus tauricornis. The trilobites are very 3D and well prepared. Even the fine eye stalks of the Asaphus kowalewskii which it would have used to see above the mud of the sea floor are preserved. I've had this piece in my own collection for over 15 years.

As can be expected with nearly all Russian trilobites there is some restoration. There is about 10% shell restoration on the Illaenus, mainly some patches on the head and about 2-3% on the Asaphus. I have some suspicions that the head of the Illaenus maybe a composite from another individual or may have been remounted on the matrix closer to the body. Either way it's a beautiful display piece.
Illaenus tauricornis & Asaphus kowalewskii
Vilpovitsy quarry, St. Petersburg region, Russia
Asery Level
Illaenus 3.1", Asaphus 2.4" (not including eyes)
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