Interesting Evactinopora Bryozoa Colony - Missouri

Evactinopora radiata is very unique type of free-living bryozoan colony which formed a star-shaped skeleton. The star shape is defined by the rays which radiate from a central core. The colony has a many-sided star-shaped form with the number of rays varying from four to nine. The rounded base of the star rests on the sea floor and the rays of the star radiate upwards. The individual bryozoan animals which built the colony are called zooids and are found on the faces of the rays or blades.

This specimen was collected from the Mississippian aged Fern Glen Formation of Missouri and has been prepared using air abrasives to remove the rock from on top of it. The smaller specimen has been remounted on the rock.

Evactinopora radiata
Jefferson County, Missouri
Fern Glen Formation
.2" wide
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