Large 9.8 Inch Mioplosus From 18 Inch Layer

Here is a nice large example of the predatory fish Mioplosus labracoides from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. This uncommon fossil fish comes from the 18 inch layer which yields darker and more detailed preservation than the ones typically seen from the "split fish" layers. It would have taken hours of tedious work under magnification to expose all of the wonderful detail.

This specimen is highly detailed with the bone structure, vertebrae, fins and tail well preserved. It displays beautifully on the 16x11 rectangular piece of matrix. This is a very impressive, complete specimen of one of the less frequently found fish in the Green River Shale.

Like essentially ALL fish from the 18 inch layer, there is some minor restoration to repair small bits of scale that flaked off during prep and on some fin tips (which typically don't preserve well)

Mioplosus labracoides
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
9.8" on 16x11 inch plate
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