12.9" Fossil Leaf Plate (Zizyphoides & Davidia) - Montana

This is a fossil plate containing fourteen detailed fossil leaves from the Fort Union Formation of Montana. They are from the Paleocene, or approximately 60 million years old. The dark orange preservation of the leaf fossils, contrast well against the lighter shale, and all the veins of the leaf can be seen in good relief.

The largest leaf is Davidia antiqua and measures 4.3" across. There are five Davidia leaves scattered across the rock and are indicated by the arrows in one of the photos, above. The remaining nine leaf specimens are all Zizyphoides flabellum, with the largest leaf measuring 2.3" wide. The plate measures 1.9" long by 11.3" wide, and is up to 2" thick in some portions. It weighs roughly 18.5 lbs, and makes for an incredible display piece.

There may be some touchups to the surface of the leaves where pieces flaked on the negative during collection and preparation. Comes with a display stand.
Davidia antiqua & Zizyphoides flabellum
Glendive, Montana
Fort Union Formation
Largest leaf 4.3", Rock 12.9x11.3", 18.5 lbs
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