Museum Quality 20.5" Placenticeras Ammonite - South Dakota

This is a massive, museum quality, 20.5" wide Placenticeras costatum collected in Meade County, South Dakota. It was found inside a large concretion, and took over 100 hours of preparation by Neal Larson to expose it. It has a lot of brilliant red and green iridescence in the shell. There is also a fossil baculite present just above the ammonite.

The rock has been wood backed, so that this specimen could be displayed by handing it on a wall, laying flat on a surface, or on a display stand. The piece weighs somewhere around 150 lbs in total and including the rock is about 24" wide.

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Placenticeras costatum
Meade County, South Dakota
Pierra Shale
Ammonite 20.5" wide, 24" including matrix
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