Pair Of Permian Amphibian (Micromelerpeton) - Soft-Body Preservation

The fossil beds of Pfalz in south-western Germany have yielded many spectacular Permian fossils for decades, but the location has been closed to collecting for decades - making such specimens increasingly rare on the market. The Rotliegendes series of mud and siltstones was renowned for its abundant fish and amphibian fossils and this stunning assemblage is a perfect representation of aquatic life that thrived in the area 285 million years ago.

This is a pair of wonderfully preserved fossil amphibians (Micromelerpeton credneri) from this formation. The larger is 4.2" and the smaller 3.3". The both show great detail including skin preservation. The tiny legs, and hands/feed can be clearly seen along with vertebrae. The matrix is approximately 8.6x8.1" and has been backed with fiberglass for stability. Comes with a display stand.

Micromelerpeton credneri
Pfalz, Germany
4.2" & 3.3" long on 8.6x8.1" rock
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