Really Cool Heteromorph (Nostoceras) Ammonite - Madagascar

This is a really cool heteromorph ammonite (Nostoceras malagasyense) fossil from the Tulear Province of Madagascar. Unlike most ammonites that are tightly coiled, spiral shell that retains it's shape throughout it's life, heteromorph ammonites have irregularly-coiled or uncoiled shells.

These hetermorph ammonites are Late Cretaceous in age (Campanian Stage) or approximately 70 million years old. They are quite uncommon and are collected near Morafena Village though the nearest large city Belo sur Tsirbihina is often referred as the locality instead.

Much of the surrounding limestone has been painstakingly removed and the base of the rock cut flat so it displays nicely on a flat surface without the need for a display stand.
Nostoceras malagasyense
Morafena Village, Tulear Province, Madagascar
3.6" Tall
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