Stalk Eyed Asaphus Kowalewskii Trilobite - 2.4"

This is a cool specimen on the long, stalk-eyed trilobite Asaphus kowalewskii. It is Middle Ordovician in age and was collected at the Vilpovitsy quarry in the St. Petersburg region of Russia. The stalk eyes likely allowed to survey it's surroundings while remaining buried in the mud. It slightly curved over but would be about 2.4" long if outstretched. The base of the limestone has been sawed flat so that it displays very aesthetically.

Like basically all of these Asaphus trilobites there is some restoration, but it's less on this specimen than most. There is some shell restoration on the tops of the first few axial rings. There is some shell restoration along the repaired crack through it's tail and then a patch of shell in the center of the head. About 6-7% total.

Photo of the Vilpovitsy quarry near St. Petersburg Russia where this trilobite was found.
Asaphus kowalewskii
Vilpovitsy quarry, St. Petersburg region, Russia
Asery level
2.45" long (including eye stalks)
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