Stunningly Prepared Psychopyge elegans Trilobite - 3.6"

This is a stunningly prepared example of a rare and very bizarre trilobite Psychopyge elegans. Psychopyge has a very distinctive elongated rostrum coming off the top of it's head which is about 2/3 the length of the body of the trilobite. It also has 3 rows of tiny spines along it's back, which have been prepared free of the hard limestone and are free-standing in this example. Not only that but much of the matrix around the trilobite has been removed so that it "flys" above the matrix with it's long genal spines and tail spines free of the rock.

The number of hours of preparation work that goes into a specimen like this is immense, easily 50+ hours for a specimen this well prepared. Unlike many examples seen for sale the free standing spines on this specimen are all real, though there is about 4-5% shell restoration on the body of the trilobite. Be sure to check out the detailed eye facets.
Psychopyge elegans
Issoumour, Morocco
Tazoulait Formation
3.6" long
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