Unprepared, Forked Walliserops Trilobite - Foum Zguid, Morocco

We don't typically carry unprepared material, but I found a few unprepared specimens I acquired years ago with the intention of preparing myself and never found the time.

This is an unprepared Walliserops trifurcatus trilobite from Foum Zguid, Morocco. This trilobite has a distinctive, three-pronged fork and several dozen of tiny free standing spines. It requires expert level trilobite preparation skills, using airscribes and air abrasives under microscope. Even for someone with experience preparing these types of trilobites they often take 30-60 hours to prepare due to the number of free-standing spines.

Compared to most of the hard limestones from Morocco, the limestone from Foum Zguid is relatively soft and nice to prepare. The trilobite is seen in cross section, split through the fork and the upper half of the body. There does not appear to be any missing pieces in the breaks. Based on the width of the body, it's probably about typical size for the species, 3+ inches including the fork. While it has a good chance of being complete there are no guarantees about what lies under the surface of the rock.

An example of a well prepared Walliserops trilobite from the same locality.

A photo of the quarry at Foum Zguid. The Walliserops come out of the very bottom layer, which requires 1-2 meters of limestone overburden to be removed.
Walliserops trifurcatus
Foum Zguid, Morocco
Timrhanrhart Formation
Unknown, probably about 3"
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