Very Rare Megistaspidella Trilobite From Norway

This is a very rare trilobite from the Oslo, region of Norway, Megistaspidella acuticauda. Most people are used to seeing examples of this genus from the St. Petersburg region of Russia but few people have seen a black one from the Huk Formation on Norway. The rock of the Huk formation is MUCH harder than the formations in Russia so collection and preparation is much more difficult.

This specimen is arched over and would be about 3 1/2" if outstretched. It's well prepared and with the genal spines free standing. There is only some minor shell restoration to the body of the trilobite where it was broken during collection and a small patch on top of the left eye. This is one of those trilobite species you may never see another example of.
Megistaspidella acuticauda (Angelin, 1854)
Slemestadt, Oslo region, Norway
Upper Huk Formation
3.6" if outstretched
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