Well Preserved 1.11" Albertosaurus Tooth - Montana

This is a very well preserved tooth from the tyrannosaurid dinosaur Albertosaurus. It was from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation (Judith River Group) of Montana. The tooth tooth itself is 1.11 inches in length (straightline measurement) It has beautiful enamel preservation and the fine serrations on both edges are in superb condition. There is a tiny bit to feeding damage to the tip, and two hairline cracks (not repaired). There is no repair or restoration on this wonderful tooth.

An artists reconstruction of Albertosaurus.
An artists reconstruction of Albertosaurus.
is a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 70 million years ago. It would have been very similar to T-Rex but is estimated to be about half the size, probably weighing less than two tons.

Albertosaurus shared a similar body type with other tyrannosaurids. It was bipedal with very small foreams, each with only two claws. It's estimated that they could run 8-13 miles per hour and may have hunted in packs. Albertosaurus teeth had very thin serrations that would have been used to pull meat from the body of their prey rather than cut it.
Albertosaurus libratus
North Central Montana
Two Medicine Formation, Judith River Group
1.11" long (straight line)
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