1.55" Uruaçu Iron Meteorite (53.2 g) - Brazil

This is a 1.55" wide (53.2 grams) fragment of the Uruaçu iron meteorite collected in Uruaçu.

The Uruaçu Meteorite

The Uruaçu meteorite is the name given to a 73-kilogram IAB iron meteorite found on a ranch near the town of Uruaçu, Brazil in 1992. It is characterized by an orange-ochre patina on its exteriors and Widmanstätten lines in its interiors upon etching. Its patterns are very similar to those of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite of Russia.

Compared to other iron meteorite finds, Uruaçu has quite a small total known mass: less than 100 kilograms have been recovered, while most iron meteorites have masses well into the metric tons. It contains traces of uncommon cohenite, an iron carbide, and schriebersite. According to the Meteoritical Bulletin, its bulk chemical composition is almost indistinguishable from the Campo del Cielo meteorite, which fell 2800 kilometers southeast in northern Argentina. The two falls may very well be paired.

Its entire strewn field sits on privately owned land. Since its discovery, all pieces have been found and subsequently brought to market by the landowner and their agents.
Iron (IAB-MG)
Uruaçu, Goiás, Brazil
1.55 x 1.2 x .67", 53.2 grams