As one would gather from the name, this variety of jasper is collected from the Rocky Butte area near Portland, Oregon. This location is the remnant of an extinct cinder cone volcano, whose ancient explosive activity is responsible for the creation of this variety of picture jasper. What sets this variety apart from others are the thick blue and green sections crossed by red and brown bands and tendrils of dendritic branches. The viewer is immediately reminded of a massive tree whose branches are piercing the sky. It is quite magnificent to behold the weaving branches that add an aspect of movement to these stone-still specimens.

This variety of picture jasper is primarily blue in coloration, but can also be a mossy green and coffee brown throughout. Other colors appear as bands, circles and branches within these specimens, ranging between white, rust orange, red, olive, dark brown and beige. Lapidary craftsmen are big fans of this material as it is extremely colorful and takes well to polishing and shaping. While Rocky Butte picture jasper does make excellent jewelry, the best way to capture its beauty to the fullest is as a cut slab. It is in this form you partake in the entirety of the scene crafted by time and an ancient volcano.