1.2" Agoudal Iron Meteorite (16.6 grams) - Morocco

This is a 1.2" wide (16.6 grams) shrapnel piece of the iron Agoudal meteorite collected from the Agoudal area in the High-Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The Agoudal (or Imilchil) meteorite is thought to have fallen approximately 40,000 years ago and researchers believe it to be responsible for creating the two famous lakes of “Islit” and “Tislit” in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The first documented pieces were collected in the year 2000 and were sold to a couple of tourists. In September 2011, one piece was sold to a dealer in Errich who recognized it as an iron meteorite. Following the discovery, meteorite hunters with metal detectors began to search the area, resulting in the discovery of many meteorites either siting on the surface or buried a couple of inches deep. Most of the meteorites found are shrapnel pieces that are irregularly shaped and very small, with the largest piece recovered weighing 60 kg.

The total mass of the meteor is estimated to be over 100 kg.
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Iron (IIAB)
Agoudal Area, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
1.2 x .7 x .4", Weight: 16.6 grams