1.65" Polished Turquoise Slab - Number 8 Mine, Carlin, NV

This is a gorgeous, 1.65" wide polished slab of high grade turquoise from the famous Number 8 Mine in Carlin, Nevada. It has been polished to a smooth finish on both sides.

The Number 8 Turquoise Mine is a historic turquoise mine located in Carlin, Nevada, USA. The mine operated from the early 1920s until 1976, producing high quality turquoise with a distinctive bright blue-green color and unique spiderweb matrix patterns.

The mine is located in the Lynn Mining District, which is part of the larger Carlin Trend, a region renowned for its rich mineral deposits. The Number 8 mine is situated at an elevation of around 7,000 feet in the rugged hills of northeastern Nevada.

Turquoise from the Number 8 mine is highly prized by collectors and jewelry makers for its striking color and unique matrix patterns. The turquoise is often cut and polished into cabochons or used as a centerpiece in Native American jewelry designs.

In recent years, the Number 8 Turquoise Mine has become increasingly difficult to access and produce from: only small amounts of high-quality turquoise are still being extracted. This has led to a surge in demand and value for Number 8 turquoise, making it a highly sought-after gemstone in the world of fine jewelry and collectibles.
Number 8 Mine, Carlin, Nevada
1.65 x .9", up to .4" thick, 10 grams