1.7" Radiating Black Aegirine Crystals with Feldspar - Russia

This is a 1.7" wide association of lustrous, radiating, black aegirine and feldspar, with small amounts of red-orange, acicular normandite crystals. This specimen was collected from Putelichorr Mountain in Russia.

Mount Putelichorr is located in the Khibiny Massif of Murmansk Oblast, Russia and has an elevation of 3576 feet. The mountain features a pegmatite occurrence in massive khibinite, which is known for the large eudialyte crystals it produces. The eudialyte is often accompanied by masses of dense, fine-acicular aegirine aggregations that bear green coloration. Other notable minerals collected from this mountain include feldspar, titanite, normandite, Åkermanite, diopside, fluorapatite, forsterite, titanite, and spinel. A variety of additional minerals can be found in massive forms.
Aegirine, Feldspar & Normandite
Putelichorr Mountain, Khibiny Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
1.7 x 1.7"