11" Polished Slab Of Zebra Stone (Ediacaran Microbialite?)

This is a 11" long polished slab of Zebra Stone from Western Australia. It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Zebra stone or zebra rock is a very unique reddish-brown and white-banded sedimentary rock from the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Composed essentially of small particles of quartz and ‘sericite’ (fine-grained white mica), zebra rock also contains the minerals kaolinite, dickite and alunite. It was formed during the late Precambrian, around 670 million years ago. Several explanations for its formation have been proposed, one explanation being that the patterns were formed by formed by the rhythmic precipitation of iron oxide rich bands during the alteration of the rock by percolating fluids. Another explanation is that the patterns are caused by cyanobacterial mats infilling ripple marks in low energy shallow marine environments which would make it a Microbialite trace fossil.
Cupperia tubiformis
Kununurra, Western Australia
Johnny Cake Shale Member - Ranford Formation
11 x 5.8", .3" thick