12.5" Scalenohedral Calcite With Purple Fluorite (New Find) - China

This is a stunning, 12.5" wide, scalenohedral calcite crystal cluster that is part of a new find in Qinglong, China. The calcite crystals are partially encrusted in cubic, purple fluorite crystals along their edges and terminations. It is claimed that this fluorite is Yttrofluorite (fluorite containing an appreciable amount of the rare earth element yttrium), but we have not been able to independently verify this.

The entire specimen measures 12.5" by 9.2", it sits at about 5.5" tall and weighs just under 25 lbs. The base is relatively flat, allowing for aesthetic presentation of the crystals on a flat surface. This specimen is truly fascinating and unique!
Fluorite & Calcite
Dachang, Qinglong, Guizhou, China
12.5 x 9.2", about 5.5" tall