14.6" Colorful, Polished Jasper Slab - Marston Ranch, Oregon

This is a very colorful, 14.6" wide, polished slab of Marston Ranch brecciated jasper for Oregon. The quality of the polishing work on this brilliant piece is exceptional with no null spots or scuff marks. There is some debate about whether this material is jasper replaced petrified wood, or jasper formed from some other mechanism.

This piece comes with a display stand.

Marston Ranch Jasper is a colorful variety of breciatted jasper that only occurs at the Marston Ranch in Jefferson County, Oregon. Jefferson County falls within the Ash Butte, which is a geologic formation that resulted from settling of volcanic ash along its sides. This environment is perfect for both jasper and petrified wood to form. The exact origins surrounding whether or not this is indeed jasper replaced petrified wood, or a type of jasper formed by a different mechanism, is still up for debate.

Chalcedony var. Jasper
Marston Ranch, Ashwood, Oregon
14.6 x 9.7", .55" thick